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Select GO WHOA!

Our GO WHOA! ticketing service provides easy access to Premium Live Events

helping members earn


We use story telling and event planning to assist artist with content creation and business happenings. We're here to make sure our artist are properly prepared and planned.

Event Lighting

No matter which kind of social or public event you’re planning to host – you surely would want to make sure that your guests feel like Kings & Queens


When it comes to feeding an event of any scale, attendance or budget, our planning creativity gets flowing. We partnership with creative chefs and restaurants to craft your menu.

Surely, just as we make sure that your ambiance and refreshment request are well-planned, it is crucial that we provide you the best DJ's and Music Producers to create an awesome soundtrack for your event.

Bartender Pouring Cocktail

Event refreshments stay on par with planned request to create accompanying effects. These niche touches through our bartending partnerships can elevate your guest excitement and set the mood for the event.

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